Rise, Trishna’s latest project, says it all: Her rise from her beginnings and experiences as an up and coming artist to making her mark in the music industry. This EP shows a riskier, edgier side of her music writing and styles, experimenting with dance/electronic, R&B, and Pop genres while intertwining them with stories in her lyrics. Different from her first album, Icebreaker, which showed her versatile Bollywood side, she dives into her American roots with music in her latest endeavor. Though not as big as an album, the stories in Rise speak mountains and valleys in the depths of human emotion and its different colors through intricate rhythms and instruments.
Living in an Indian family but growing up in the East Coast of America, Trishna built multiple musical and cultural roots at a very young age. She spent a huge part of her childhood imitating characters on TV, friends, and family and performing in front of people.  She had a knack for picking up songs and emulating singers’ voices easily and quickly, from artists like Celine Dion to Selena. “Growing up as an only child, I spent most of my time being imaginative and creative, adding my own quirk to characters. I let my mind run wild which was the spring board to opening up my best as an artist and gave me the strength to take inventive chances.”   She also started writing poems and songs at a very young age, weaving her thoughts into stories that could one day be put to melodies.
Trishna has experimented with a little bit of Hip Hop, Reggae, and R&B with Bollywood music in her last album, but wanted to branch out further and focus on Pop and Dance music mixed with R&B influences, exercising her musical abilities to the fullest.  To Trishna “there are no limits to how many combinations and innovative sounds different genres can make with each other and in their own right”. She has been formally trained in Indian Classical music as a child, and earned Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Music Performance.  Apart from English, she can speak in Spanish, Hindi and Tulu, and she can sing in those languages as well as German, Italian and Irish. Her music such as Icebreaker has been described as “a snappy reggae style”, illustrating her interest in tapping all musical genres. Her overall music is considered to be “very different and very catchy”. Noted to show  “a lot of creative vocal styling “ with “a sexy whisper”, Trishna’s music promises to break in with a mix of a fresh new look and a fusion of quirky, radical sounds (Gulf Coast Music Review). Along with performing all over the East and West Coasts, the UK, and India, Trishna’s greatest venue was in Carnegie Hall, New York City.
In addition to completing her EP and Album in just 2 years, she has two music videos under her belt for “Icebreaker” and “Ghadi Ghadi”. Acting, dancing and modeling is also in her resume as her music is showcased in a Bollywood film and she has been involved in multiple photo shoots.  Trishna is definitely not afraid to Rise to the opportunity and take the industry by storm.  Her journey has only begun, and there’s no looking back!